Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist September 2011

This month’s collection is brought to you by Adrian Dollemore of Aylesbury noise duo Glockenspiel;

1. Dust & Guitars – D_rradio (from ‘Dust & Guitars’ single)
2. Wedding Song #3 – Aerial M (from ‘Wedding Song #3’ single)
3. Falling/Twin Peaks Theme – Julee Cruise (from ‘Voyage’)
4. George – Derek Bailey/Loren Connors/Jim O’rourke (from ‘Playbacks’ by Derek Bailey)
5. Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake (from ‘Pink Moon’)
6. The Priest They Called Him – Kurt Cobain/William S. Buroughs (from ‘The Priest They Called Him’)
7. Joe Le Taxi – Vanessa Paradis (from ‘M&J’)
8. Sleepwalk – Santo & Johnny (from ‘Sleepwalk’ single)                                                           9. Glass Jar – Gang Gang Dance (from ‘Eye Contact’)
10. Fantasia On a Theme of Light By Thomas Tallis – Edward Elgar (from ‘Elgar: Introduction and Allegro’)



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