10 Things Never Released on DVD: Part 1 – The Mary Whitehouse Experience

The Mary Whitehouse Experience was a memorable early nineties BBC comedy show which brought together the fledgling partnerships of Rob Newman and David Baddiel, with Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.

The show parodied popular culture of the day via topical stand-up and satirical monologues. This was intertwined with sketches packed full of popular characters regularly mimicked in playgrounds and pubs, including the timeless History Today

One could argue that along with the Word, the Mary Whitehouse Experience was the quintessential viewing of the time, having a similar impact on 1990’s youth culture as the Young Ones had enjoyed a decade earlier.

Below: The Cure’s Robert Smith was a regular target of fun

Sadly it feels as if the series has been lost in time with the BBC never releasing it on video or DVD, and with no repeats since it’s original transmission. The reason is apparently due to it’s topical nature, such as the World Cup ’94 sketch below, however it’s much more likely a financial one with numerous musical rights due to be paid for it to see the light of day.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you, the Mary Whitehouse Experience


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