Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist January 2012

This month’s playlist is courtesy of Dead Pilot Records head honcho Daniel Gregory, including some video’s he has been enjoying recently:

1. Balam Acab – Apart, taken from the album Wander/Wonder (Tri Angle)

My favourite song from my favourite album of 2011. Get this on vinyl and blast it through a good set of speakers or headphones and you’ll be treaty to something special. The most romantic bass driven electronica I’ve ever heard. Sublime

2. Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It, taken from the album Outmind (Brainfeeder)

Another bass driven piece of electronic madness that needs to be played loudly to be fully appreciated. Matthewdavid creates these wonderfully psychedelic grooves that sit some where between techno, hip hop and ambient. Of course it’s on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label. Need I say more?

3. Miles Davis – So What, taken from the album Kind of Blue (Columbia)

One of the greatest Jazz pieces of all time from one of the greatest Jazz albums of all time. What, you don’t like Jazz?

4. Colin Stetson – The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights), taken from the album New History in Warfare Vol 2 (Constellation)

Colin Stetson plays the sax for a lot of bands, Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestra, Bon Iver. However for me, it is his solo work that I truly enjoy. If Tim Hecker played the sax it would most definitely sound somewhat like this.

5. Danny Norbury – This Night Is For You and For Me, taken from the album Light in August (Lacies)

Danny has been featured playing cello with a lot of other artists, but here he plays all instruments him self. A beautiful piece from a beautiful album, now sadly extremely hard to come by. I would kill for this album on vinyl. Some one make it happen?

6. Andy Stott – Cracked, taken from the album We Stay Together (Modern Love)

Disgusting sludgey techno from the British pioneer at the top of his game right now.

7. Fell Voices – Untitled I, taken from the album Untitled (Gilead Media)

Imagine if Godspeed You Black Emperor were a metal band. This is what they would sound like. Long form, blackened atmospheric metal that takes you on a journey. I recommend everything by these guys if you fancy losing a weekend to your inner metaler.

8. Deafheaven – Language Games, taken from the album Roads to Judah (Deathwish)

More black metal, this time with a nice splash of shoegaze for good measure. The true highlight of the “hipster black metal” scene for me. Fantastic riffs and great vocals. If Fell Voices are too dark and raw for you, Deafheaven provide that hint of light and hopefulness you may be looking for.

9. Higuma – Crystal Harvest, taken from the album Pacific Fog Dreams (Root Strata)

One half of the Psyche/Doom due Barn Owl teams up with his girlfriend to make some absolutely wonderful hazy melancholia. That chord progression, that fuzz. It all adds up to an otherworldly experience for me. Stick on your headphones and lay back. Bliss.

10. Nas – Life’s A Bitch, taken from the album Illmatic (Columbia)

Not my favourite track from this album, but certainly one of them. I felt this list needed to end on something entirely unexpected. Hopefully this has fulfilled that desire. Enjoy.


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