Rev It Up For The Return of Truck

Ok well it didn’t actually go anywhere, but it came close to the edge. 

Truck Festival 2011 increased it’s size from it’s traditional 2 days, to become a 3-day event, in a gamble which sadly backfired.  Initial low ticket sales prompted desperate measures with the Oxfordshire-based organisers offering cut prices tickets days before the event through online sites like  This alienated existing ticket holders and although the event went ahead, a slight air of animosity lingered, made worse by reports that bands hadn’t been paid.  It seemed like a sad demise to a once fine grass-roots festival, perhaps swallowed up by it’s own misguided ambition.

However, a chance meeting between the Truck organisers and the patrons of Derbyshire’s ‘Y-Not Festival’ has resulted in the East Midlanders taking over the reigns.  It’s a promising development with the Y-Not Festival winning a best grassroots festival award and the new team promising a back-to-basics approach.  The obvious change is a return to the 2-day format with Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July 2012 being the confirmed dates. 


No acts have yet been announced however early bird tickets are now on sale for £59 from when they run out the rest of the tickets will be £69 with a guarentee from the organisers that NO discount or day tickets will follow

You can read a full, detailed interview with Ralph of Y-Not to find out more about his plans for the event at efestivals


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