Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist April 2012

For April SubSiren welcomes the sour taste buds of Adrian Noone, frontman of Bucks metalcore band What the Night Brings for this months playlist. Over to you Ade…

1. Action Bronson – ‘Barry Horrowitz’ take from the album ‘Dr. Lecter’ (Fine Fabric Delegates)

“Firstly some hip hop, with an awesome flow, and just bad as fuck music throughout the album. Seriously, the entire thing sounds like the soundtrack to a 70’s gangster flick set in little italy in the summer. Cooking, Fucking, Being tough and cooking some more”

2. Crowd Deterrent – ‘Down to Throwdown’ taken from ‘SOSF Worldwide Vol 1’ (split with Creepout) (Hard Ass Records)

“Probably not the nicest bunch of guys, but they play horrible hardcore and after the past few years of bastardisation that hardcore has suffered, its the sort of thing thats very much needed”

3. MC Esoteric – ‘Bar Thief’ taken from the album ‘Saving Seamus Ryan’ (Fly Casual)

“Incredible. From a story board album, and just fucking excellent hip hop. Also, a total fucking nerd, watch his you tube channel to see his action figure (of himself, that he had made) fight godzilla and all his other action figures. What a bellend”

4. Cold Hard Truth – ‘Cycles of Suffering’ taken from the album ‘Deliver the Fear’ (Beatdown Hardwear Records)

“UK Beatdown hardcore, the singer may be in the clink now, but theyre still doin it. ‘AAARRRRD!”

5. Wisdom In Chains – ‘Class War’ taken from the album ‘Class war’ (Eulogy Recordings)

“This song is a banger when youre pissed off at just about anyone who has more than you and seemingly rubs it in. (im angry a lot, sorry.)”

6. Clutch – ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ taken from the album ‘Blast Tyrant’ (DRT Entertainment)

“I’m late to the party with Clutch, this is a cool as fuck album, i listened to it a lot when i grew a moustache”

7. Xabilba – ‘Cold’ taken from the album ‘Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias’ (Southern Lord)

“Nasty sounding south american hardcore, a bit like Integrity, but dirtier”

8. Bon iver – ‘Holocene’ taken from the album ‘Bon Iver’ (4AD)

“Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone knows them, but theyre alright (Especially this track). Even that shit sounding song at the end of the album with the god awful Kenny G sounding keyboards on it somehow grows on you, but then, so do warts. I dunno…”

9. Trapped Under Ice – ‘Pleased to Meet You’ taken from the album ‘Big Kiss Goodnight’ (Reaper Records)

“You’re probably bored of this list by now, but this is catchy, give it a listen. And if youre into macho-angry-homoeroticisim, watch the video too”

10. The Banner – ‘Leechbath’ taken from the album ‘Frailty’ (Ferret Music)

“As with most music i listen to, i try and ignore anything about where it came from, which does not help when trying to make a list look more interesting. This is dark, fast, claustrophobic and messy. Like a heavier, nastier discharge. They are also the only owners of “wolf flies” a hybrid they created that are tiny little rabid wolves the size of flies, trained specifically to infect the vocal tracts of kanye West and Chris Brown for being just. Fucking. Awful. *this may, or may not be true, but i really hope its true”

What the Night Brings play the Satans Hollow all-dayer in Manchester on Sunday April 15th https://www.facebook.com/events/368335419847250/


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