Dead Universe Comics Forever

Just a little note to let the good people of Aylesbury know that their local comic shop ‘Dead Universe Comics’ is not actually dead, just momentarily displaced.

As many of you will already know the Cloisters, a floor of independent shops below Friars Square Shopping Centre, was recently closed to make way for the storeroom of some multinational clothes company. Thankfully Dead Universe Comics survived, along with the return of Network New and the key cutters. The entrance is only now via the doors opposite the bus station. The even better news though is that the shop will soon be moving upstairs into the main Friars Square Shopping Centre, near the bridge to the car park.

Above is a photo of a very proud looking owner Ian outside the new store – well done mate


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One Response to Dead Universe Comics Forever

  1. Wow, cheers for the coverage guys, the good news however just got better, we are now open, back issue dept upstairs also in two weeks 🙂

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