Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist June 2012

Thom Harris of Aylesbury garage rockers Black JuJu takes us through some highlights of his music collection right now

1. Gallon Drunk – ‘You Made Me’ taken from the album ‘The Road Gets Darker From Here’ (Clouds Hill Ltd)

“This album was released this month and hasn’t left my CD player since I first heard it. It’s dark, grubby  and grooves all the way down to your hips, this song especially, bet it would be a real hoot to see this lot live”

  1. Iggy and The Stooges – ‘Search and Destroy’ taken from the album ‘Raw Power’ (Columbia)

“This one is fucking LOUD!!! It demands to be played with the volume all the way up, just do it. You can always buy new speakers ha ha!!!”

  1. The Jim Jones Revue – ‘Rock’N’Roll Psychosis’ taken from the album ‘The Jim Jones Revue’ (Punk Rock Blues Records)

“I always stick this tune on when I’m getting ready to go out. It puts a swagger in your step all the way to your next drink. Just screams retro cool, pretty snappy dressers too. What a cool fucking band lol”

  1. Ty Segall – ‘Girlfriend’ taken from the album ‘Melted’ (Goner Records)

“I got into this guy recently and love that scrappy groove and what a voice!!!  It reminds you of everything, ever!!! He has a new album coming out soon, will definitely be getting that”

5. Boredoms – ‘Spiral’ taken from the album ‘Vision Created New Sun’ (WEA Japan)

“I fucking love this album!!! It’s just bat shit insane Japanese psychedelia!!! Every song melts into the next so the album is more or less an hour long trip, which makes it hard to choose a track but this one has to steal it, the way it teases you and builds up and up and up, until it explodes into one huge crescendo of sound. Definitely one to keep your neighbours up with at 2 in the morning”

6. The Jesus Lizard – ‘Nub’ taken from the album ‘Goat’ (Touch and Go)

“This song is basically everything I love about music, It’s a high energy, high octane groove with a filthy bass line, dark as hell and completely off the wall. What else can you say about this song, its fucking crazy”

  1. Sonic Youth – ‘Mildred Pierce’ taken from the album ‘Goo’ (Geffen)

“This probably isn’t the most obvious Sonic Youth track to choose, but I love this horrid little instrumental, fuzz bass ,ambient guitars, solid groove and then it just goes fucking ape shit. I don’t usually watch music videos but I quiet  like this one too”

  1. The Lovely Eggs – ‘Allergies’ (Too Pure)

“I first heard this song (and this band) on Radio 6 late last year and had to stop everything I was doing, which was just sitting down to eat my dinner lol. I grabbed a pen and quickly scribbled down their name and web address from off of the radio display. At long last a new band, on the radio, making something fucking good ha ha!!!”

  1. Tom Waits – ‘Get lost’ taken from the album ‘Bad As Me’ (ANTI-records)

“I’ve been a massive Tom Waits fan for years and was not disappointed by his last album. Just goes to show that all those years of yipping and yowling his balls off hasn’t affected his voice at all. I especially love this track. He reminds me of The Oogie Boogie man from the Nightmare before Christmas lol”

  1. The Pogues ‘Rainy Night In Soho’ taken from the album ‘Rum, Sodomy and The Lash’ (MCA)

“Every play list should have a slow one on it and I choose this little tear jerker from one of my (many) favourite bands. These lopsided, ugly, rabble rousing drunks could squeeze more talent into a ballard than all of the top shop wearing pretty boys in the world.

Hope you all have a good night, I definitely will be. Night Night”

Black JuJu will be taking to the stage at Phoenixbury Festival in Steeple Claydon this Friday (29/06) http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/events/352347668172453/


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