The Only Way is Wocks

Last year a group of Aylesbury amateur filmmakers brought reality soaps closer to home with their spoof ‘The Only Made in Aylesbury’.  They made quite an impression with a few thousand hits on YouTube and no doubt had half of LJ’s talking and hash tagging about them.  Well they’re back and you may even have seen them filming series 2 around the town.

We caught up with one of the stars Barry Wocks to interrogate him for the hot goss;

You’re currently filming the second series of ‘The Only Way is Aylesbury’, how is that going and to what places has it taken you to so far?

Barry: It is going really well we have a loose story arc but everyone who appears brings their own ideas to the table to make it more of a collective effort.  We have tried to get as much of the town centre in as possible as that is the cultural hub of Aylesbury.

Is it true that you’re filming this series in one go and with better production values?

We have got a better camera and mic to record sound and will be using final cut x to edit but it is still a pretty lo-fi operation

Were you surprised by the success of the first series? You even got your faces in the Bucks Herald?

I called the ‘Bucky H’ to get it in there, but people seemed to like what we did and wanted to appear.  People in Aylesbury are generally really funny (I suppose you have to be to live here)

Our sneak preview of this series saw J Pop running his own video rental business. I mean VHS – are you serious?


Meanwhile Johnny has a new job working in the comic shop?

Yes but he is not too successful

Do we get any newbie’s like they do with each series of the Only Way is Essex?

A lot more new characters which means once someone is in it once we can use them again in the future.

And what of the fringe characters? Any of the babes returning?

Sally might be back but so far we have some new girls……….

You’re using original music for this series. Why is that and who is doing it?

This is so we don’t get any copyright problems on YouTube we have a couple of chums doing the soundtrack once it is all edited

How long do you think TOMIA can go on for? Classic comedy series’ like Fawlty Towers, the Young Ones and the Office only had two series

As we go along we get other ideas so the stuff we cannot fit in we will put in the next series , As for how long it will last who knows…..

And finally Barry, how do you usually unwind on an evening?

Normally just watch TV nothing exciting.

To keep up to date with all that is TOMIA –


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