Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist August 2012

Wolfie, Kasms, Trogons…Gemma Fleet has been in her fair share of bands since moving to London nearly a decade ago.  Her latest act The Wharves are a female trio who play their debut gig next Friday (10/08) at the Loud and Quiet / Young and Lost Club at Power Lunches Arts Cafe in Hackney.  But tonight, she reveals her current hot 10 tracks exclusively to the SubSiren… 

  1. Lol Coxhill with Robert Wyatt  – ‘Soprano Derivato Apricot Jam’ taken from ‘Flotsam Jetsam’ (Rough Trade)

“Lol sadly passed away recently. He was an Aylesbury regular in the late 50’s and early 60’s. After developing his free jazz soprano sax technique jamming in the Hope Pole he went on to become part of the Canterbury scene, a stalwart of the improv scene and among a raft of other things played with The Damned” 

  1. Can – ‘Waiting for the Streetcar’ taken from ‘The Lost Tapes’ (United Artists)

“This was probably one of the events of the year for me. I hadn’t got excited about a CD boxset since the Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’ one about 10 years ago. This is beautifully packaged in a reel to reel style box and the tracks make you wonder how hard it must have been to decide what to use on the actual albums with all this great material”

  1. Lumerians – ‘Mulaturotique Asphyxiation’ / ‘Chevaux Fous’ taken from ‘Burning Mirrors’ (Rococo Records)

“Their 2011 album Transmalinnia from Knitting Factory records is one of my favourites from last year.  A slightly older video here from Dance Party Revival show from San Francisco. Stay tuned for enlightening interview and their cover of Crazy Horses. I want to move to San Francisco and join these guys cult. They can take me”

  1.  Serter Bağcan – ‘Suçmu Hakim bey’

“So I have been obsessing over Selda Bagcan for around three years now and finally gonna see her at the Meltdown festival next month. Now I discover she has a brother. What a gifted family! This track in particular is great”

  1. Belbury Poly – ‘Goat Foot’ taken from ‘The Belbury Tales’ (Ghost Box)

“Ghost Box records can’t do much wrong really. The Belbury Poly sound blends great 70’s TV library sounds at times verging on acid folk, Anatolian Rock and classic space rock sounds. The have just released Study Series 8: “Inversions” with The Advisory Circle. And 2012’s ‘The Belbury Tales’ is lush. This is my favourite”

6.  Pärson Sound – ‘Tio Minuter’ taken from ‘Pärson Sound’ (Subliminal Sounds)

“I love Swedish psychedelic sounds like International Harvester and more recently have been getting into Parson Sound. They create perfect hypnotic drone rock channelling the best bits of Kraut and the Velvet Underground”

  1. Top Drawer – ‘Song of a Sinner’ taken from ‘Solid Oak’ (Akarma)

“Listen to this and tell me it’s not the best psychedelic ballad you have ever heard? Is it too morbid to say I’d like this at my funeral? Probably”

  1. Deep Time – ‘Clouds’ taken from ‘Deep Time’ (Hardly Art)

“Love love love the stereolabby vocals and hooky songs. One of my bands ‘Ye Lamprey’s’ (Working Title)  are gonna play with these at the Lexington. Very excited. Hope I don’t get all embarrassing”

  1. Tame Impala – ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ taken from ‘Lonerism’ (Modular)

“I’ll be honest I’d kind of written these guys off as hipster bullshit without really listening to it, this is a terrible mistake. This new album is gonna be great. I’m a sucker for this 60’s sound and lovely male harmonies. I am gonna go and see them in Buenos Aires in the summer. Very excited”

10.  Love – ‘Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale’ taken from ‘Forever Changes’ (Elektra)

“And lastly….I recently spent about five hours listening to this track on repeat. I was learning the bass line but soon forgot about that and just became entranced by it. It’s like a drug to me and proof that a song can be great without complicated changes or crescendos”


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