Home Taping is Killing Music Playlist March 2013

March’s playlist comes from the curious mind of local DJ and music producer Ben Amesbury.  Ben runs ‘The Funktion Room’ recording studio near Long Crendon and his career has taken in recording, mixing and remixing the likes of Freestylers, The Magic Numbers, Mint Royale and even the legendary Slade.  So, come on feel the noise – with Ben (and his cat)


1. BEAK – “Wulfstan II” taken from the album ‘>>’ (Invada)

Always loved Portishead and was interested to here Geoff Barrow’s other stuff so when I got invited to go see them play at the Lexington at the end of last year I couldnt pass it up.  Show was great but you know when a band play THE track that your humming to yourself on the tube home, this was that. Bought the album the next day and love the lot.

2. RADICAL FACE – “Family Portrait” taken from ‘The Family Tree: The Roots’ (Nettwerk)

An acciental discovery from evenings of eating my dinner in front of Hollyoaks and when the Nikon camera ident came on I liked the tune and eventually Shazammed it and downloaded this guy’s album.. And then, when his new one came out, I bought that too.  I love the atmosphere that surrounds all of his production and he seems to have a real nack of creating real imagery with his lyrics, this one is a great example of that I think. His voice takes a little getting used to but I’m glad I found this band.

3. THOM YORKE – “The Eraser” taken from the album ‘The Eraser’ (XL)

I wasn’t ever the biggest Radiohead fan, especially not there early stuff which may be seen as slightly controversial but whatever, it was “In Rainbows” that really got me hooked and it was mainly because my friend Hugo worked on it so I was naturally curious.  I think its more the programmed side of what they do that I like and that made checking out ‘The Eraser’ album the logical progression, which I like a lot of, but the title track is probably my favourite at the moment.

4. MASSIVE ATTACK – “Paradise Circus” taken from the album ‘Heligoland’ (Virgin)

I couldnt possibly do a playlist without including something by my favourite band so this was a difficult one as they can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. So I decided the best thing to do was look at my iTunes and sort all my Massive Attack songs by play count. Paradise Circus came up on top.

5. APPLEBLIM & PEVERELIST – “Circling” taken from ‘Soundboys Ashes Get Hacked Up and Spat Out in Disgust EP’ (Skull Disco)

Well, I used to like dubstep, and now the stuff that bares the name infuriates me! Where’s the dub gone? confused me a bit.  This track came on my shuffle the other day and I’d completely forgotten about it but I still love it’s minimalism.

6. BRAINTAX – “Syriana Style” taken from the album ‘Panorama’ (Low Life Records)

My favourite British hip-hop artist, wicked lyrics, great backing tracks, always has something heavy to rap about and I love this mocked up video.  Shame he isnt doing music anymore.. Long Live Low Life!

7. JAMES BLAKE – “Limit to Your Love” taken from the album ‘James Blake’ (ATLAS)

I always liked the original of this as Feist is just amazing but James Blake caught my attention like he did everyone else’s a year or two ago and this track is such a stand up version and I think totally does it justice.

8. ORBITAL – “Belfast” taken from the album ‘Orbital’ (FFRR)

I was obviously off school the day that Orbital became cool as I kinda missed the boat at the time but then many years after it’s initial explosion onto the electronic music scene I discovered this track, mainly due to a drum n bass track by Tom Middleton using the same vocal loop and because I was a bit of a sample geek at the time, I went hunting and stumbled across this.  Reminds me of my days as a postman wierdly!

9. TY SEGALL – “Finger” taken from the album ‘Finger’ (Goner)

Has to be said, I don’t know ANYTHING about this guy but I heard the album round a mate’s flat about a year ago and was totally struck by it’s overall knarlyness. Again, a hard choice to pick a fav but I think this just gets it.

10. BDP – “Love’s Gonna Get You” taken from the album ‘Edutainment’ (Jive)

Finally, A bit of old skool classic hip hop me thinks.. KRS one seems to me to be one of those rappers who really should be listened to more.  I can remember this being blasted from my older brothers bedroom when i was growing up and I’d sneak in there when he was out and sift through all of his vinyl to find it.  Got into all sorts of different stuff that way as it took AGES to find!!

Oh yeah, sorry, this just came on my stereo whilst I was writing this so i’m gonna push my luck and stick a bonus track in! Hope no-one minds! I love this song and especially the video!

Can’t get enough of Ben?  Best click on these links then Radio showStudio and Company / Sound system


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